The Shore Soccer
Officials Association

Est. 1961

The Shore Soccer Officials Association (SSOA) was organized and chartered in 1961 to officiate high school soccer matches at all levels throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  This dedicated group of men and women help to advance the game of soccer in the Shore Area, to provide competent officials for all contests, to promote the highest standards of professionalism, and to encourage fair play and sportsmanship among players, parents, coaches, and fans.  Our members are respected throughout the Shore Area and throughout the state as well-trained, impartial, and competent.

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A candidate for membership into the SSOA Hall of Fame should meet the following criteria:

Nominations addressing each of the criteria above are to be sent to the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee at least 45 days before the annual banquet

1979   Frank West

1991   Ed Miller

2008   Phil Morretta

           Jack Schrumpf

1994   Joe Rebecky

           Evan Christopulos

           Harold Handchen

1995   Tim Kavanagh

2009   Jim Carrigan

1981   Russ Malson

1997   Richard Hunter

2013   Brian Donahue

1982   Art Oberg

1998   Vincent Geraldi

2015   Jim Grimes

1983   Sergio Rey

1999   John Cobb

2016   Teri Connor

1984   Vince Rockel

2002   Ernest ”Rusty” Rizzetello

1985   Florian Keller

2004   John Scoras

1986   Angie Senecke

           Dick Wien

1987   Alfred Natale

2006   Jim Kavanagh

1988   Peter Burroughs

           John Spangler

1989   Ferris Antoon

2007   Pat Windle

1990   Rocco Christopher

Hall of Fame Criteria