The Shore Soccer
Officials Association

Est. 1961

The Shore Soccer Officials Association (SSOA) was organized and chartered in 1961 to officiate high school soccer matches at all levels throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  This dedicated group of men and women help to advance the game of soccer in the Shore Area, to provide competent officials for all contests, to promote the highest standards of professionalism, and to encourage fair play and sportsmanship among players, parents, coaches, and fans.  Our members are respected throughout the Shore Area and throughout the state as well-trained, impartial, and competent.

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The goals of the SSOA Evaluation and Assessment Process are to help assure the association provides competent referees for all levels of the games serviced by the association and to further develop and challenge each individual referee to improve his/her ability and the knowledge of the rules of the game of soccer.

OBJECTIVE:  The Evaluation and Assessment Committee is responsible for the developing an evaluation / assessment plan and identifying individuals  who will assist in the assessment of SSOA members.


A member having four or less years of continuous active membership.


Senior members of the SSOA that have been selected by the Assessment Committee to evaluate the field performance candidate members.

SSOA Assessment Process

SSOA Assessor Assessment Form